The purpose, the “WHY” of the projects we undertake

The purpose, the “WHY” of the projects we undertake

What is the purpose (the WHY) of the projects I undertake?

I realize that the answer to this question has changed a lot in my entrepreneurial journey. In order to realize this, I had to ask myself the question several times, and take moments in quality presence to answer it. Each time, there was an opportunity for expansion to realign this purpose.

I remember that at a very young age, the reason for undertaking projects was based on a quest for freedom, a taste for creating vibrant inspirations, without expectation of return, just for fun.

To learn how to be an entrepreneur, I chose business school in college. I quickly learned that the purpose of a business was to create profits. As I remember it, the role and impact of an organization in society was not very much discussed at that time. To succeed and perform in this concept, my motivation became the creation of projects that would generate great profits. My decisions and strategies were therefore gradually based on potential returns without paying much attention to other elements that seemed secondary.

The quest for profits

The more I was in search of profits with my head, the more I quietly detached myself from the creation of vibrant projects and most importantly, from who I was. I believed that I would be able to do what I loved when I had enough money (which was a never-ending loop), rather than seeing and honoring money as a resource to create the projects I loved and expand them…

At a time when I saw the gap growing between what motivated me and who I was, I asked myself : what is really vibrating inside of me, and how do I get started?

Life does things well and as the saying goes : When the student is ready, the master appears… So I had the opportunity to have the answer to my questions.

A return to the essence of entrepreneurship

A few years ago, with assistance, I was able to become aware of what had gradually disconnected me from who I was and chose to “clean up” the filters (fears, beliefs…) that I had put in place, and that had distanced me from myself. Over time, I had the opportunity to see more clearly and to feel again what was vibrating inside and waiting to emerge. At the same time, I also received tools to undertake projects more consciously and naturally, and this, by reconnecting to the pleasure and lightness of undertaking, quite simply.

Today, I realize that the more a project’s purpose is aligned with who I am, the more pleasure I have and the more impact what I undertake has not only for me, but also for those on whom the project has an impact, from near or far…

The reason for undertaking for each person is unique, and what vibrates in the heart is also unique. I wish us to take a moment to reconnect with what vibrates inside and to have the courage to take the first steps.

The answer to the question of “WHY” and what vibrates inside was far from clear the first time I asked it, but the more clarity I had, the more I was able to make expanding choices.

And you, what is it that vibrates inside that you would like to undertake?

Here’s a program starting right now that I’ve participated in to bring that clarity into the next cycles of expansion : Portrait of the Vibratory Signal.

Look forward to seeing you there!


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