To highlight and experience the creative cycle

through vibrant projects

“The essence of entrepreneurship takes many forms and is unique to each person. For me, it is about realizing inspirations that make me vibrate, these become projects through which I feel joy, wonder, and lightness. Today, I am certain that this form of entrepreneurship has an impact not only on me, but on others as well.


I am also fascinated to see, through my experiences with this form of entrepreneurship, that the projects that come out of this specific place inside of me have a potential that is much bigger than me, as they affect the people who collaborate with them, as well as those who benefit from them. And this whole cycle is only expanding!


However, this was not always the case. Like many entrepreneurs, I had ended up forgetting and abandoning these types of projects in favor of performance, believing that they would not be possible in today’s business world. Joy, wonder and pleasure were no longer as present in my daily activities…


I invite you to explore my website, through which I share with you the tools that have helped me pursue my activities with a whole new consciousness, allowing me to realize not only vibrant projects that are close to my heart, but also profitable and constantly expanding. It is entirely possible to marry the two, if you choose to get out of the way…”


– Eric Desroches



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