The COCREA camp project came from the inspiration of experiencing an adult  camp focused on creation, reconnecting to nature, to our childlike hearts, to our inspirations and to what really makes us vibrate inside. As you may have read in my journey, in the about section, I myself had drifted away from this inner connection as I got older and for some time in my life.


When I purchased Camp Bruchési, the memories of the summer camps I had attended as a young man resurfaced. Each of these stays had been memorable for me, because they offered me the opportunity to have fun in nature, to do different workshops, to be supervised by a stimulating program of activities, to meet new people, and to take a break on the water or in the forest, alone or in groups. Each time, I came back from these summer camps completely inspired and recharged, having filled up with vitality, pleasure and wonder. This vibrant memory inspired me.


I had the idea of reproducing the experience of a camp, like when I was a child, but for adults. So I invited friends and entrepreneurs from my network to reconnect with their childhood hearts and come spend a short two-night stay at the camp. It was as memorable an experience as I can remember! In addition to the traditional activities associated with a summer camp such as canoeing, kayaking, swimming, archery and bonfires, for example, I chose to add a few activities that might be interesting for adult participants. Chair massages, yoga classes, themed gourmet dinners, happy hour on the beach and karaoke night were added to the original program. Not only did we all have a lot of fun together and share this break, but many of us came out of this experience inspired with vibrant projects, and even created new contacts and partnerships…


Soon after, I was inspired to offer this type of experience on a larger scale, and that’s when the COCREA camp project came along. 

COCREA is the inspiration for an adult camp, which will offer entrepreneurs, creators, artists, leaders or anyone else who wants to experience a supervised stay, to come and meet in an inspiring environment, in the heart of nature, on the shores of Achigan Lake.

Traditional camp activities on the water and in the forest, resourcing activities, creativity workshops, gastronomic meals and thematic evenings of sharing will be on the program. The COCREA camp will be a place to recharge your batteries and take a break from the daily hustle and bustle, but also a place to reconnect to joy, to your childlike heart and to the pleasure of having fun, in order to let yourself be inspired and rediscover the pleasure of creating, in all lightness. 


This project is currently in progress. I invite you to subscribe to the newsletter if you wish to be informed. I will be happy to share more details in the coming months.