The Power of Clarity

The Power of Clarity

An essential key: Clarity

In my entrepreneurial journey, among other things, I have become aware of how Clarity is an essential key to expansion. Many times I have found myself in situations where I thought I was in a fog, a dead end loop, thinking I had to make more effort to get clarity.

How many times have I felt overwhelmed by all the external events in the company… The more my head wanted to find quick solutions to problems, the more pressure I felt and the narrower my field of vision. I guarantee you that this was not the time when I made the best decisions for the company!


Getting back to basics

I share these experiences with you because the clearer I see, the simpler and more effective my decisions become. Clarity for me manifests itself in many forms: being aware of the environment where I am, the purpose of the projects I undertake, the potential and development of an opportunity, the relationships with collaborators, what I feel inside, the inspirations at each stage of creating a project, etc.


The Vibrational Signal

In my experience, Clarity has expanded the most with the various realizations about my Vibrational Signal (I wondered what it meant the first time I heard about it!).

Realizing that as people, whether we are aware of it or not, we are all emitting a signal that has a direct link to the events in our lives, brought a lot of clarity to the situations I was positioning myself in. Instead of being in continuous reaction and victim to external events, I was now much more aware of cocreations, while being able to make different choices that would take me out of the “repetitive loops” and open me up to receive new and more fluid manifestations (opportunities, resources, inspirations).

If you would like to know more about the impact of the vibrational signal in your life, its effect on the creation of projects and the opportunities to change it, here is an invitation to a program in which I would have the pleasure to participate : Portrait of the Vibrational Signal.

I look forward to sharing with you!


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