The expansion of the purpose of an organization or project

The expansion of the purpose of an organization or project

What is the expansion of an organization or a project if the purpose of the enterprise is not motivated by profit, but the latter is a result of the expansion of the purpose?

In entrepreneurship, expansion is often perceived as a quantitative and/or material success. But what if the “raison d’être” of entrepreneurship goes beyond acquisitions and profits? The very meaning of the word expansion is expanding!

In fact, when you think about it, everything expands naturally. Each project also has its own nature and purpose. The more it is aligned with the nature of who you are, the easier it will be to manifest, and the more joy there will be in doing it.

Conversely, the more the project is rooted in our ego, consciously or not, the more we will try to put control, effort and limits on it so that it manifests itself as we want it to, to the detriment of something else. Consequently, by imposing conditions and limits, or by focusing on very specific or quantitative goals, we reduce the natural potential of the project to expand, by restricting its freedom.

Indeed, the more we try to impose limits on nature, the more we distort it by preventing it from fully emanating what it is. It was with this in mind that I chose to explore the potential for expansion beyond the mental patterns and unconscious limits that repeatedly guided my entrepreneurial journey…

Making conscious choices

Today, expansion for me means making choices that are in alignment with the nature of who I am, even if it means taking many steps into the “unknown” for the head. But I make sure that these steps are felt in the heart. Expansion is not a goal to be achieved, but a series of experiences, a path filled with surprises and manifestations that often go beyond what the mind could have imagined. It requires a deep inner certainty, courage and clarity… From experience, it’s worth it!

For example, on April 19, 2020, I shared with you this abandoned house that I used to pass by regularly at Camp Bruchési. The inspiration was to bring it back to life by preserving its original character while bringing light to it. At the time, I had no idea how this project would manifest itself. So it was step by step that the renovation of the “Nid des Chouettes” took place with its share of surprises!

A few months after the beginning of the work, this renovation project expanded and became the new starting point and cocreation place for a new camp project to come…

A playground that will impact all “campers” who choose to experience the essence of vacation and cocreation. I call it Camp Cocrea! A new project and a new expansion cycle that I will tell you about very soon… Stay tuned!

Here is a program that is starting right now, in which I am participating and that could assist you in bringing clarity to what has the potential to happen naturally for you : Portrait of the Vibratory Signal.

See you there!


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