Inspiration, at the heart of cocreation

Inspiration, at the heart of cocreation

What exactly is inspiration?

For me, inspiration is that little voice that comes from within and informs me that a vibrant project wishes to emerge. Inspiration is therefore at the heart of the cocreation process, from the small spark to the big bonfire, and sometimes to the fireworks!

I must share with you that on many occasions, the inspirations I received remained in an invisible state, believing that they were too far from “my reality” to be manifested. Some had even been hidden for many years! As I reconnected to their source, they began to whisper with clarity. First, I had to ask myself if I was ready and in a state to receive them, and then allow them the freedom to emerge and unfold…

Saying yes to manifesting an inspiration is a choice. For me, it’s about giving it the space to emerge on a daily basis, pausing to clarify it at each stage of its creation. It is also about being open and in a quality of presence so that we can receive, welcome and honor inspiration at any time.

Important keys

Pause and breathing are important keys to open the door to the resources that wish to come forward to cocreate.

If you too are interested in opening the door to inspiration and cocreation, I invite you to discover this rich program for entrepreneurs in which I will have the pleasure of participating: the Vibrational Signal Portrait.

During this program, we will explore together the creation cycle from inspiration to manifestation!

I look forward to seeing you in this program,


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